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Every drive matters

S-Drive is a program that promotes safe driving. By installing the S-Drive app on your compatible Samsung GALAXY smartphone and driving safely^, you can earn points and see for yourself how safely you drive.

An initiative of Launching People

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*Phone is not included in the S-Drive Kit. For details of S-Drive Kit inclusions see Terms and Conditions.

Team up for more points.

To help encourage your friends to drive safely you can connect with 2 friends also on S-Drive to create a Drive Team. The 3 of you can then motivate each other to drive safely and earn more points.

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What is S-Drive?

Every year, hundreds of young Australians are involved in car accidents.

One of those drivers was Jarrad Ingram, who sustained brain injuries after a horrific crash in 2006. Today, as he continues to work through a difficult recovery process, Jarrad wants to help prevent others from becoming yet another statistic on our roads.

As an initiative of Samsung’s Launching People™ project, and inspired by Jarrad’s story, we wanted to create something that attempts to make a difference to these sobering statistics, and launch a program that promotes safe driving. And so the S-Drive program was born. At its heart is an app that helps transform compatible Samsung GALAXY phones into tools that reward safe driving.

What is Samsung Launching People™?

At Samsung, we believe that there are dreams inside all of us waiting to be unlocked.

That’s why we don’t just see technology, we see how it can inspire endless possibilities and accelerate countless discoveries. We believe that we don’t just launch products — we launch products that launch people.

Based on this philosophy, we’ve developed some exciting programs under our global Samsung Launching People™ initiative. Each lets you help our innovations launch the passions, ideas and potential of people around the world. Ideas like S-Drive.

So join in today, spread the word and, together, we’ll launch the dreams of the world.

What will YOU launch?